Issues with Le Potato ng build

Hi folks,
thanks a lot(!!!) for porting the ng build to Le Potato! Very happy about this!
I observe two issues:

  • After boot, I have flickering pixels. Unplugging HDMI cable and re-plugging it solves the issue. Reboot: Pixels flickering again. Looks a bit like too low HDMI output power. Made a short video to show the problem - see here: Video
  • TVheadend HTSP client hickups/crashes: Live TV playback (H.265) via TVheadend has playback interruptions (frozen image, buffering circle), of which the player sometimes does not recover. This is the case both with a TVheadend server on the device itself, and also using a TVheadend server on a different computer.

If I run the TVheadend server on Le Potato itself and playback from a remote PC via VLC player, reception is rock solid, no issues. So I infer it’s a problem of the HTSP client. Other H.265 playback (Live TV recording) has no issues, so the player itself seems OK also.

Btw.: I am very happy that my WinTV dualHD DVB-T receiver now works nice and flawless with the ng build!


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