ITV,ABC iview not working Odroid N2

Not sure its a CoreElec problem.
ITV ( UK) and ABC iview( Australian ) not working on the latest version.
They try to load a program but it times out on both add-ons.
Other add-on play OK ie BBC iplayer, NZTV on demand, 7+ ( Australian)
Have a smart DNS so no problems with geoblocking.
The strange thing is that it appears only to affect Kodi Leia.
Have others on my Sony TV and a NUC running Ubuntu.These do not work either.
However when I use SPMC ( a Kodi android slimmed down version, no longer supported) I can get ITV to work.Not ABC iview which seems needs a DRM add-on not available in SPMC.
I’m edging towards a problem with DRM.
All the add-ons take a while to load on Odroid N2, whereas using SPMC ITV loads very quickly.
If anyone else has this problem I would be very interested in any feedback.

I can confirm that ABC iVIEW from the Development repo works.

You are running a smart DNS

I am not.

As i am having no issues with the iVIEW version from the AussieAddons Author

and i do not use a Smart DNS
You will have to send debug logs to the Author of the Addons you are using.

No such issue either.
No Smart DNS

Thank you for that info. Will try removing the Smart DNS to see if this is the problem.

Have removed the Smart DNS and now all the local(ie Australian content) add-ons load quickly and play.
Can anyone explain to me why this is happening.
Have a NUC ( Ubuntu)running the latest Kodi Leia and with the DNS installed this does not affect how quickly the video add-ons load and play.

Have tried numerous things to try and solve this problem.
Downgraded to 9.2 no difference.
Tried different skins, no difference.
Installed Lineage 16.0 Android ATV on N2 with Smart DNS. All video add-ons load quickly ( both local and international ) on Leia 18.2.
As this seems to only affect CoreElec not N2 I would appreciate any help.
Otherwise it seems the Android TV will be the way to go. Don’t want to go down this route as CoreElec is a much better option.

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