Jdownloader on CoreELEC

Has anyone managed to successfully install Jdownloader on CoreELEC? I have tried using Jaymoulin’s Docker container but my understanding is that there’s something stopping it from running properly on CoreELEC.

Maybe it would work with jre from jre.zulu addon.

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Pyload is a good alternative and works well for me

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Cannot find any info how to install this addon

Thanks for the suggestion. Will try it out.

If you still interesting how make Jaymoulin’s JD2 to works let me know.

please tell me #interested :slight_smile:

I’d like to know that too. Thanks.

Hello , Happy Holidays.
first you need to know where you want to download all files. if HDD , plug in and go to SSH and run command “df” and find your HDD , something like /var/media/FLASH/ (flash is name of your HDD/flash drive)
than you need to know your hardware . Im using Vontar X3 what is ARM procesor. So I need use correct version of JD2 all version find here


This command install JD2

docker run -d --init --restart=always -v /var/media/FLASH/Stahovani:/opt/JDownloader/Downloads -v ~/Jd2:/opt/JDownloader/cfg --name jdownloader -u $(id -u) -p 3129:3129 -e MYJD_USER=XXXX your Email -e MYJD_PASSWORD=your password -e MYJD_DEVICE_NAME=Name of device jaymoulin/jdownloader:1.4.2-arm64v8

/var/media/FLASH/Stahovani = download location (rewrite yours)
MYJD_USER=XXXX your Email = put your JD2 login email
MYJD_PASSWORD=your password = put your JD2 login password
MYJD_DEVICE_NAME=Name of device = your device name (you can change in JD2 settings )
jaymoulin/jdownloader:1.4.2-arm64v8 = version of JD2 (if JD2 wont boot up , change version of JD2 from link above)

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I was using pyload installed as part of entware, but when I upgraded to the latest entware it broke due to python versions. This came in handy. Thanks @supperka! :slight_smile:

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