Just got n2 coreelec edition

Hi, I received my n2 with coreelec a few days ago and now the servers are up and running again I have it all setup which is great. I love the dark red theme.

The sdcard which was sold with the n2 had coreelec Installed but I managed to mess it up because I didn’t realise the server was down and reinstalled the coreelec image 9.2.2 odroid n2 image.

Things are working but I’m confused about the info on the homepage for hdr10+ support for NG users only?

I thought the n2 supported this using coreelec?

I chose this box and coreelec as I wanted good hdr support.

I might be confused over this as I’m not that technical. Could anyone give me advise?


PS coreelec looks very impressive.

N2 is an “NG” device, so you should be good.

NG stands for Next Generation and as Kdem said, the N2 is a NG device. I can personally confirm HDR10+ works perfectly on the Odroid N2.

Thank you, I’m really silly I just didn’t understand the terminology.

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