Keep Coreelec ALWAYS ON? CEC?

Hi guys, I’m a total noob here. I just got my first Android box, Minix NEO U22-XJ. I love everything about it and the customization. What put the cherry on top was that I could install CoreElec and receive full HD AUDIO to my new Nakamichi Ultra Shockwafe Ultra 9.2.4 soundbar system. The sole purpose for ordering the Minix and installing CoreElec was to simply stream from my NAS and play my personal 4k and 1080p movie library. I don’t need it for anything else, ie: Netflix, Hulu, or any other apps. It is simply for Kodi and NAS playback. What I’m struggling with is the CEC functions. I tried everything and for some reason Coreelec breaks my sound thru HDMI ARC. So when I switch to another input ie: watch Cable tv, or switch to tv smart apps like netflix, ALL sound is off and I can’t control my soundbar. When I switch back to Coreelec/minix input , the box is off or in suspend mode . SO its leading me to believe that if the Minix box is off/standby/suspend , it breaks hdmi arc audio across the board. I was wondering if the minix/ Coreleec can just stay as always ON 24/7. Which will probably prevent the ARC audio shutting off or breaking the way it has been. But I’ve checked everywhere and I don’t see an option to keep ALWAYS ON anywhere. Hope someone can help, it’s pretty annoying because I can deal with it , but usually when my family wants to use the tv there is no sound and they’re not very tech savvy. Or if you guys have any other suggestions, please let me know what I’m doing or NOT doing right. TIA!!!

Update, after some tinkering it seems like I may have figured it out(fingers crossed). I couldn’t disable simplink on my LG CX, but I disabled the powerlink. So far so good, I left it overnight and the MINIX box was still on and not in standby/suspend mode. ARC was still working and I had sound from all inputs. So tinkering on the TV side of things seems to have helped. Will post any updates on this.

Change in system->input->peripheral cec settings the action on TV power off to like stop playing instead suspend/shutdown.

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Thanks for the reply, I’ll look into that when I get home. This morning when I powered on the whole system everything was as expected. The MINIX u22 has a blue light for ON and a green light for Standby. To my pleasure, I saw that the blue light stayed on all night, telling me the MINIX stayed in active “On” mode. As I mentioned, when I disabled powerlink option on my LG CX it seems to have stopped sending a power off signal to any hdmi devices connected, resulting in the MINIX staying on even after powering off the TV. So far I am very happy, I’ll have to monitor it for the next few days to see if the problem returns. I didn’t mention the components list, here they are just for reference.

-LG 65" CX
-Nakamichi Shockwafe ultra 9.2 soundbar
-MINIX NEO U22-XJ running Coreelec 9.2.5
-Spectrum cable set top box
-WD My Cloud ex2 ultra NAS with 22TB
-Harmony remote with Hub to control everything.

WOW thanks for guiding me to this settings menu, so much detail in there. Crossing fingers that this will stick. So far so good though! Thank you!

Unfortunately I am returning the Minix U22 to Amazon. I spent hours trying to figure out the ARC sound issues, CEC etc. I wound up buying a 2019 Nvidia Shield Pro, installed official Kodi from playstore and had all the Audio passthru options I needed to enable atmos, dts-hd etc. I’m going to lay the blame mostly on the MINIX box, and not CoreElec. It just would not play well with my system , ( LG oled tv, nakamichi soundbar and Harmony remote). I had too many issues getting everything to work as expected. I never had issues with my Roku Ultra. As soon as I got the MINIX, everything fell apart. Switching hdmi inputs, sound problems , just a headache. I plugged in the Shield TV and all is fine. Thanks for your hard work on corelec!

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