Kernel 3.14 in amlogic S905

hi team CE

Why the kernel 3.14 on LE7 is Works much smoother than LE8.2 and LE9 with live tv Especially with all kinds skins . An example of a mini-video display while working with the remote control is the image quality is not affected and does not break . and timeshift LE7 is stable than LE8 and LE9 .

What is the problem with the kernel itself?

i have wetek play 2

A lot changed/broke from Kodi 16 to Kodi 17. Kodi 18 fixed a lot of AML related issues. The issues you describe are probably not kernel related.


You are not the first person to say live TV works better in LE7, one of our developers still run’s LE7 daily just to have a better live TV experience.

Unfortunately It’s nothing to do with the kernel, it is purely as a result of changes within Kodi itself.

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Dear Adamg; You can say that you can use Oreo in Kernel 4.4.

When will this happen?

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Oreo kernel doesn’t support S905 only S905X/W/912.

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Any Oreo kernel based build for s905x because of stunning picture quality, I want to use Oreo kernel build (dear adamg once you made that build in libreelec form but I format my hdd with out backup and I lost it, kindly any links?

I never made any releases with the Oreo kernel.

Oh sorry I misunderstand (Oreo)but you have made series of latest kernel (4+) testing devel builds before release of 8.90.1 build.

No I have never done any releases with a 4.x kernel, maybe you are thinking of some other developer?

Maybe, Thanks a lot for answering.