Kernel 4.9 - exclusive only to N2?

I was hoping to try a kernel 4.9 build on my Le Potato but Amlogic-ng seem to support only Odroid N2. Is there a plan to support other devices?

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LePotato will be the first supported device in the ng (next gen) CE with 4.9 kernel.
You can find the LePotato dtbs in the device_trees folder already but it doesn’t work yet.

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As Pelican said already we have done some work on the Lepotato but we need to invest more.

Are there going to be any noticable changes from the move to 4.9


We don’t have a working build yet. But for all intents and purposes it should work more like it does on the N2 than how it works on 3.14. That’s just my assumption right now, we’ll know more once we have something that works and is usable.

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Cool, answers my question why I see Le Potato dtb files in the ng images. Saves me asking, almost did (I have both N2 and Potato boards on order).

Hello, is there by any chance more tdb files for other S922X based boxes ? If not, how can we contribute in order to build them and share them ? Thanks for your great work,

What boxes exactly are you talking about?
The only devices I’m aware of right now are the Odroid N2, which are available for purchase.
Also Beelink GT1-King, but from what I know they are still not in stock.
We are working on obtaining more devices to try and add support for them too.

I’m speaking of the GT King, but I think that the Khadas vim3 will join the party soon.
I do have a GT King and I’m willing to do some tests if necessary.

There is not much time to pit work for other boxes now. It will happen eventually but not a priority. Devs work on boxes (toys) they have first. I will try to get some boxes from Beelink and Khadas for the Team. If you have a Beelink GT King ask your vendor to support us with developer samples.

This time we will not open the can of worms blindly. We need to do this carefully and properly.

The S922X seems like quite big jump from the S905X, benchmarks show more than twice the speed and 50% faster than the S912. Pretty awesome improvement.

I’m sure makers are going jump on the S922X and there will be lots of board designs coming down the line. But, it’s only the N2 right now, just happy to be an early adopter.

In any case I’m sure the devs here will support new boards in pretty short order as they become more readily available.

thanks for your answers, I was mainly asking how I could contribute. I thought that the first step was about getting CoreELEC to boot properly providing the right DTB, thus I was wondering how to modify/build/test/provide, based on the current porting work progress made on the OdroidN2.

Just for information, with S922X I get exactly the same average framerate (26-35 fps) as the old S912 box with these new settings :

Graphic interface : 1080P upscal -> True 4K
Covers : 720p -> 1080p
Fanart wallpaper : 1080p -> 1440p

Beyond that, it becomes unusable because we go below the 25 FPS. So it seems to me to be the best settings, the best compromise for all the display modes of the Estuary skin. It’s much more neat and detailed; and it remains usable. It completely removes the blur and baveu effect of the covers when they are displayed in “poster” mode. I found it awful on the S912. Now, it’s beautiful, we rediscover the image of the covers !

Well, I don’t ~need~ the greater power of the S922X since I only have a 1080p TV and my library is all 1080p. Even so the N2 is greatly more responsive than my Le Potato and that alone is worth it to me. The Le Potato sometimes has to catch up to my commands where that never happens with the N2.

I like the default skin a lot and have not felt any need to customize the interface so no experience with custom skins.

Would you mind telling me where you can change the Covers and Fanart resolution?
For exemple :


Great stuff, thanks.