Kernel version: Amlogic binary blobs for S905/W/X video acceleration

​I recall that the last CE version supporting Amlogic binary blobs for video acceleration for older SoCs ( S905/W/X) was based on kernel 3.14.29 and Kodi 18.9 ( Nov '19?) was the last CE version supporting.

Newer CE versions based on later kernels seem to not work nicely with S905/W/X streaming ( 720/1080p.)


  1. Is my impression above correct?

  2. Are Amlogic binary blobs for video acceleration for older SoCs now available in any newer CE versions?

Does this have to do with kernel updates?

  1. How are newer kernels / CE versions supporting video acceleration in better SoCs?

Through CPU (software) acceleration, given more powerful CPUs?

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I have installed CE 19.5 nightly compiled by myself some time ago on a S905W and I recalled 1080p video playback is OK. Now it has armbian installed as a headless server. That S905W can go up to merely 1.2G Hz and I think is a new iteration(regression) of the variant. The kernel should be 4.9.xx

Very interesting…I didn’t know a newer CE version could work ok.

Maybe the newer CE version I tried had issues.
Anyway hope someone else can shed more light on this issue !

Correction: Should be a CE-19.4 Matrix devel 2022xxxx on that S905W.
As for acceleration, I have another S905X3–X96 MP box currently running CE-19.4 Matrix devel, and all local videos within chip capacity play well. By saying within capacity I mean 4K HDR 10 HEVC videos.


So S905W with newer CE version 19.4 should work fine at 720/1080p?

The s905 is not supported. The s905x and s905w are supported by the latest version of coreelec. I have an old mxq prowith a s905x. It works perfectly fine on CE 19.5 even on 4k.

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