Khadas remote pause not working on FTA

I have a VIM3L that comes with the Khadas remote. If watching a video a long press on the OK button will pause the video while a short press brings up the on screen menu bar. However, while watching free to air TV through a DVB-T USB receiver (Xbox), a long press acts the same as a short press: the on screen menu bar comes up.

Is there any way for me to tweak this so a long press while watching FTA pauses the broadcast? BTW, I have the PVR function enabled and the pause function does work via the on screen menu.

It would seem likely that you have not setup timeshift. Are you using TVHEADEND? If you are you need to setup this feature in the tvheadend web interface.


Thanks Shoog but timeshift is set up and working. I can pause FTA using either the on-screen menu or another remote, such as a Minix. The only thing I can’t do is pause FTA with the Khadas remote. A long press on the OK button brings up the channel list instead of pausing the transmission so I am guessing the long press has been mapped differently to the long press when watching videos because that will pause the video. BTW, I am using TVHeadend.