Khadas Vim 3 chargers

Good afternoon,
Does anyone know if Chargers with Fast charge or Quink charge 3.0 e 4.0 technology can be used on Vim 3.

You can use any 5v charger giving output of at least 1amp.

As far as I know you only need a PD charger if you want to use the board at 12v and attach a power hungry device to one of the USB ports.

I’m not sure if the FUSB302 controller will read QC3 and request 12v from the charger but it will work fine nevertheless, I use an Anker 5-port charger with QC3 with my VIM3.

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Thank you friend

For QC3/4 PSU, still can work, but should only at 5V, as the VIM3 only support USB PD 2.0.