Khadas VIM Pro problem after losing electricity power

I have a problem with CoreElec on Khadas VIM Pro when Coreelec booting after losing electricity power - “Black screen and no HDMI signal”. After reboot (reset buton) Coreelec boot normal but I can’t turn it off (no methods works - "SSH,power buton and remote controller).

When you say you can’t turn it off, what do you mean, does it keep rebooting?

Did someone use text-to-speech? :wink:

How did the KVIM lose power? Brown/Black out? Pulling the plug? Tripped breaker in your home’s fuse box?

I did, my bad :see_no_evil:

Sorry, my English is not perfect :slight_smile:

I meant that when Coreelec boot after losing eletricity power no matter for what reason, I can’t shutdown it. I must use reset button twice or more.

Sounds like an issue with your bootloader, you will need to reinstall Android onto your eMMC.

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