Khadas VIM1S S905Y4

It supports AV1, so there is something and has HDMI 2.1 and cutting edge technology rocking 2x USB 2.0 host ports.

Overall, rather underwhelming but perhaps if it is cheap enough then it might appeal to some.

The Edge2 on the other hand could potentially be something special but not AMLogic based.

Only 10/100 Ethernet as well :frowning: So it will need to be cheap.

Will CE team support this Khadas product (VIM1S) with the new 5.4 project (CE-ne)? Is it already covered with the s905y4 dtb?
Will sm1 (s905x3) devices be included in the 5,4 project support? There are no sm1 dtbs in the test load so far.

Yes, that’s the plan. The VIM1S samples needed for the implementation are on the way.
Regarding SM1, we still need to mature -ne and then make work on that. Time will tell.

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