Khadas Vim2 Fan

I’m using 8.90.4 on khadas vim2 board. I installed a fan on the board and plugged it in the fan port on board. The fan doesn’t power on. The fan is controlled via gpio but /sys/class/gpio doesn’t exist on these builds. any help would be appreciated.

There is no service for fan control. I’ll try to create one for kvim2.

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Test image with fan control.
Burn it on SD card or USB. Copy from device-trees folder gxm_kvim2.dtb to root and rename it to dtb.img.
kvim_fan service is measuring CPU temperature every 10 sec and setting fan level (0…3). You can see debug log in kernel log (dmesg).


Ok thanks, will try asap.

Works perfect Thanks


Is this driver included in latest release and nightly builds?

There has been a better driver built-in for months now.

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