KHADAS VIM2 (S912) CE to EMMC flash


Here is the situation:
Got this VIM2 board. It is based on S912 chip.
So far, I just managed to flash LE 17 version, (they have it developped by balbes150. This fork is based on old krypton variant of KODI.
I got up and running CE from my USB drive.
Officially, I cannot find any EMMC flashable LEIA fork for this board
Question is:
How to flash CE to VIM2 EMMC.
Anyone can help ?

Put your usb into the port, boot up the usb.
SSH into the box.
Issue command “installtointernal”.
Possibly repeat the last three steps.

You are fairly on your own on this one, but the “installtointernal” script works well of the VIM2 and I have had mine running off the EMMC for about a year at this stage.

If things go wrong there is still a good chance you will be able to run the USB version.

I got a little hung up on that with my N2, though an that one the command is installtoemmc.

Anyway the installtoemmc script adds a delay and tells you install the eMMC during the wait on the next boot, but you don’t always have to do that. Depends on boot sequence. If your board prioritizes the eMMC boot and there’s an image there already then you have to do as it indicates. Otherwise just leave the eMMC in place and run the command again after a reboot.

Another option is to use a USB eMMC writer and write the image that way. Same as writing to SD Card or USB drive. I’ve written the eMMC both with the script and with a USB writer and it seems to work fine either way.

The eMMc is fixed on the VIM2 so you can’t use a usb to emmc writer.


Oh, I thought it had a socket like the other SBCs, that’s no deal.

Shoog, thank You for the hint.
It works well, with addition fo 60 sec boot delay where says that internal layout is different and I need to update. Since I do not know what to update, can You advise me.
is this the issue You and CraigHB were talking about, (not usb to emmc writer, but the delay itself) ?

This is where repeating the process resolves your issue.
remember you are booting into the USB the second time, not the emmc.

Currently not supported. This requires more u-boot work but no one on the Team has VIM2. I will ask Khadas to provide samples.

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It certainly worked for me previously. when was it dropped ?
The alternative approach is to go back to the version that previously supported the “installtointernal” and then upgrade it in stages till you get to current releases.


wll give try today at some point.
And will revert here when I got a result

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