Khadas VIM3 & CoreELEC & 3705 COOLING FAN


CoreELEC work very well in Vim3, but the fan dont work
Any possibility that works?
another way is to buy a heatsink solid, but…

The Khadas FAN control isn’t included in our current used kernel. The issue is known and will be solved someday. Can’t give you a accurate time frame for this as we are really busy now.

ok. thanks by the answer.
must buy a heat-sink

Something i just received on my feed.
I’m still waiting for my bottom thermal pad and fan.

Hello, i have installed the 3705 fan on khadas vim3 with coreelec OS, but it not work. How can i active it?

in Kodi->settings->CoreELEC settings->hardware->fan

Wow, thanks

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