Khadas VIM3 testbuilds

Coming Soon…


Like… When it’s ready ! :innocent:

I think that when things are ready they’ll be launched. Each device has it’s development cycle and it’s a two way street really, it’s easier to add support if well supported by the vendor.

Any new infos? Is CoreELEC booting already? :slight_smile:

Yes. Be a little bit more patient. But VIM3’s don’t ship yet for users iirc. But I am sure it will all be done when you get your device. Playback works up to 8K 30fps.

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I have ordered one vim3 basic

I have to say I’m blown away by what Amlogic have achieved in their latest generation of chips. 8K video playback on the KVIM3 is flawless with 0 dropped and 0 skipped frames.


It’s impressive. I am currently using odroid n2 with coreelec of course and I’m happy. Do you think that it is worth switching to the board from Khadas? Will coreelec be equally stable on this platform?

It’s not worth switching if you already have the N2. Unless you want the built in Wifi/BT (which is still work in progress) and smaller size.

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Yes it’s a lot smaller, but I really like that big heatsink on the N2, it’s a cold blooded beast.

Personally I think the N2 is the better board. And what do you gain from 8K now?

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It impresses friends more than Ferrari poster on the wall :slight_smile:

At this point 8K resolution output is not supported. I just thought that it was pretty cool that these SoCs can now decode 8K videos in hardware with ease. Since it’s possible, we thought it’d be a good thing to add support for it.
When we get the chance, we will try to get 8K out of the device - it’s likely going to be limited to 8K@30Hz 4:2:0, or it may not even work at all.

I just don’t think that there’s any point in getting the KVIM3 if you already have the N2. There’s just not enough improvements to justify the extra expense.

I just wanted to know your opinion about VIM3. I will stick to N2 then.

If you didn’t have a N2 you could have considered either.

We try not to give opinions and remain impartial so we are not seen to be biased towards any particular vendor, both boards are excellent over the previous generation though.


after reading all the current developments posts, i just pre order the vim3 basic with heat stink and diy case. hope there is a stable build when i get my sample.
thanks all the devs at CE, i can finally get rid of my s912 device (with patched U boot, it works also very nice but with 3.14 is not optimal):smiley:

@adamg, Would you like to share or update the progress of coreelec on Vim3?

Khadas VIM3 support in CoreELEC is at an almost equal parity to the N2

:white_check_mark: Booting from USB/SD
:white_check_mark: Hardware decoding of all formats
:white_check_mark: Sound
:white_check_mark: Gigabit Ethernet
:white_check_mark: Wifi
:white_check_mark: Bluetooth
:white_check_mark: CEC
:white_check_mark: IR

We are just polishing off internal install support and our custom bootloader.

Our nightly image is already usable on the VIM3.

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Wow, That’s great, I also hope it supports OpenVFD.