Khadas VIM3 testbuilds

After updated to the last two day’s nightbuild, I still need to replace the “dtb.img” file to make vfd working.

Sorry, the repo wasn’t updated with latest kernel changes. We’ll do it for tomorrow’s build.

hello,@Blakey).I have coreelec 9.2.1 version installed on VIM3 pro,memory display is incorrect,Is there a document teaching how to upgrade uboot to fix this problem?thx

With 20191230 nightbuild , VFD works Fine.thank you !

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Upgrade Android to V191101 with USB Burning tool ( and everything will be okay.

yes,191101 is ok on 9.2.1.thx

I got a VIM3 on the way. Not sure when exactly it will arrive, but I got a few of questions in preparation:

I think it comes with Android on the eMMC, which I may try kodi on just for the sake of trying, as I never had an Android box before, and then wipe it in favor of CE, as I have little to no use of Android.
I would keep it as a dual boot, but from what I’m reading, if I have to update Android, I would need to remove CE first to do it. They added OTA url in the latest build, but it seems like a too much of a fuss considering android gets updated every month or so.

Are the nightlies mature enough by now to be my CE install on it? I don’t have any grandiose uses other than playing shared files from storage. I think only the nightlies have fan control on them, and I did get one of those despite several comments on how it isn’t needed and makes a noise without fan control. They had some promotion that gives you a discount if you reach a certain size order, so I added it to reach that goal.

Other than that, I just need to burn a CE image on an SD card, insert it, ssh to CE and follow the ceemc instructions to replace Android on the eMMC?

The Nightly image to use is the generic NG one?

I have the Vim3 pro with android wiped and CE nightly images (Generic ng) installed on the emmc, I find it to be completely stable without any issues at all. The fan is noisy even on the lowest speed but when it’s set to auto if it does come on it only ever comes on for 10/20 seconds then turns off again so it’s not a huge issue. it mainly comes on while browsing a large locally stored library rendered at 4k with cover art, I havnt noticed it come on during playback with 4k remux and 4k x265 files. They are all I’ve watched since having the fan installed so i cant comment on other formats… you should also check out the case mod to use the bottom metal plate as a second heat sink it’s really effective.

Thanks for your reply.
I have the Vim3 for like 3 weeks now or so…I thought it’s been a LOT longer than that. Shocked it’s not been even a month.
I’m very happy with the slick little device so far. Other than somewhat temperamental CEC it’s been great.