Khadas VIM3L or VIM3 Pro

I’m looking for a SBC that can play 4K Blu-ray rips.

As I found out there is no device that can play Dolby Vision (except some expensive Sony BR players).

I have a Fire TV Stick 4K Max 2nd and I think for streaming it’s the best option?
Shield TV and Apple TV can’t do AV1 and have problems with YouTube HDR.

It seems like Khadas VIM3 is the best option?
Will it do 4:4:4 and will the colors be correct?
All Dolby Vision files should fall back to HDR/+?

Is the VIM3L enough or would the VIM3 Pro have advantages?

Have a look CoreELEC and Dolby Vision

This one can play uhd dv . ISOs with menu just fine . But wont do dv mkv . For that you need CE player

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Profile 5 DV won’t fallback to HDR if played on a non-DV device and will be unwatchable unless you really like greens and purples. :slight_smile:

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