Khadas VIM4 with NPU

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I see there is a new version out. Will this one work as i am planning on getting one.


Already working, but will be supported only in CE21 with kernel 5.15. No idea for NPU because we never use it.

CoreELEC (vpeter): 21.0-Omega_devel_vpeter (Amlogic-ne.aarch64)
Machine model: Khadas VIM4N
CoreELEC dt-id: t7c_a311d2_khadas_vim4n

CoreELEC:~ # uname -a
Linux CoreELEC 5.15.78 #2 SMP PREEMPT Wed Jul 4 18:32:15 CEST 2023 aarch64 GNU/Linux
CoreELEC:~ #

Thanks @vpeter

So i should just buy the normal one then ?

Looks like I was wrong and VIM4N should also be supported with kernel 5.4.210.

I hope you don’t need audio passthru

You mean i cannot use Pass Thru settings for 5.1 Dolby in the settings ?

Right now this does not even work on my N2 +:)

Then you have something wrong in your settings. All is working. Only VIM4 and GT King II uses T7 A311D2 SoC what does not have DTS-HD & True HD passthrough. All others works fine up to 8 channels.

Thanks alot :slight_smile: I will go check.

So my Question still remains. VIM4 or the new VIM4-NPU version.

NPU means nothing to CoreELEC.

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