Ki pro/HH90 Rotor/Mini Pos2/CE - should this work?

I have a sat dish with a Stab HH90 Rotor.
To be compatible with Sat Receiver only using diseqc 1 i use a Stab Mini POS2.
You can store 4 Sat Positions in the Mini POS2 (as shown here : )

Well - the dish is about 8m above ground and I didn´t use it for a while.
Last week I tried to use it with a Mecool KI pro, CE nightly and TVHeadend.
In TV Headend I used 4 Port Switch (Universal LNB) config.

But it looks like the dish is not moving.

Should this work ?

I don´t have a single sat Receiver anymore to test with a different device.

I found the problem. The Limiter in Mini POS2 was set to a wrong position. I deleted the Limit.
Now the dish is moving to the satelitte positions I have stored in Mini POS2 earlier.

So - yes it works can use 4 Satelittes - without configuration problems - nice…