Kids managed to semi-brick my Coreelec 19.5

Came home to see my Mecool S905D box only boots into Android recovery. I ran Matrix 19.5 fine on internal eMMC for a long while.
What works:

  • Can boot from sdcard. Nexus image ng boots fine from sd
  • After booting nexus from sd I can ssh into box and use ceemmc to backup corelec_flash and corelec_storage

Any chance I can just fix it and stay on 19.5? I assume kids deleted the boot partition somehow? To my shame I got no actual backup so a possible solution would save me time and lots of headaches Thanks in advance

well, I flashed nexus onto emmc and started from scratch. Copied over tvheadend and pvr addons / userdata. Had to use my old dtb for dvb functionality too. Updated addons and now have it amost working again - few tweaks here and there still needed. But lesson learned. You can close this

Possible recover is to boot from SD/USB and run ceemmc. Then renew only FLASH partition and it should boot again. But the STORAGE partition remain untouched.

well, Nexus runs so much better. And having a clean install now was worth all efforts. Thanks for taking time to answer. In my case it was crucial to gain access to internal memory via ssh / scp and save the addons. Rest was easy to do.

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