KIII Pro No DVB-t Tuners. - Module Drivers disabled

Weird the topic I posted last night has disappeared.

Anyway, im trying out CE from LE and have trouble with it recognising DVB Tuners. I have the built in one and a secondary avermedia one. They both worked fine under LE. When tryiing to use the LE Module drivers and choosing LE Default, i get a message saying You have module drivers disabled and you need to reboot. A reboot doesnt solve the issue, and i get the same message next time.

Anyone know how I ‘enable’ module drivers ?


same problem here

Have you downloaded the latest version of coreelec, when it was first uploaded, the modules weren’t there, it was then re uploaded, with the drivers.

do I simply update, or do I need to do a fresh install?

Just download again, & update.