KIII Pro : unable to boot


I compiled from source (“git clone -b coreelec-19” then “make”) and I put the resulting img file (CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-19.1-Matrix_devel_20210419134403-Generic.img) on my sdcard.

However, the device_trees folder doesn’t contain anything related to KIII Pro. The page CoreELEC - Device Trees says that the DTB for Mecool KII Pro should be gxm_q200_k3_pro but actually there is no gxm DTB file in the device_trees folder.

Anyway I managed to find the following file in my build folder :


So I tried it (copying it to the sdcard and renaming it to dtb.img) but it hangs at boot (at the boot logo).

Could you please tell me where I can find the right DTB and how come gxm DTBs are not available in the device_trees folder ?



GXM S912 is not supported by CoreELEC Matrix

Oh I see, do you mean I should clone the amlogic-ng-on-gxm branch ?

If not, which version (branch) of coreleec should I try to compile ?

The table in CoreELEC - Device Trees is very useful. May I suggest to have a similar table saying which processor is supported with each version of coreelec ? I mean something saying that “GXL SXXX is supported by coreelec YYY” and “GXM SXXX is supported by coreelec YYY”, etc.

Anyway I will try to find the answer to my question somewhere in the posts.



Ok found it, apparently support was dropped after 9.2.6.
So I will try to compile 9.2.6 :slight_smile:



Support was dropped in Matrix, all 9.x.x builds still support GXM.

Keep in mind that LibreELEC is still working on new KODI 19.x updates (LE 10.x) for the old amlogic SXXX processors, but it is not yet mature. The download and test can be done from, you have to choose AMLGX-BOX and in the uEnv.ini file it is necessary to indicate the dtb file to use. I seem to remember that this uses kernel 5.x but I’m not sure.

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