Kingbox k3 6.0 don't boot on sd

I’ve succesfully installed CE9.2.0 on kingbox k3 on usb, all is working (with some adjustment) from ir remote to the display but with my usb key it’s very “laggy” and slow.

I’ve a 16GB microsdHC class 10 and I want to try it, I’ve done the same procedure of usb key but sd is not recognized in booting, after toothpic appears the recovery screen with this message:
recovery is listening adb sideload…
waiting adb sideload command…
e:cannot load volume /misc!

What can I do?

It possible that you need to try different sd card

What kind of sdcard do you mind?

I’ve tried with another sd (not micro) hc 8Gb with same result.
I’ve not other card.

Into android and coreelec both cards are visible

you can also try to install any terminal application in android and try reboot update command from Android…

just done, same result of toothpick method