KM9 Pro Remote all buttons but Select/OK work

I have the latest nightly on KM9 Pro which is an S905x2 box.

The remote is a bluetooth/ir remote and once I paired it all the buttons work apart from the select/ok button.

I tried installing keymap editor and going into Global - Navigation - Select Item and mapping the OK button but its still not working?

me2,but km9:worried:

No one can help at all?

Check if the select\ok button is IR or not, if it’s IR, you’ll need to create a remote config file for it.

It doesn’t appear to be, Ok works in android when it’s not pointed to the box.

When you go to key remapper it detects the button push and a number appears next to the action but it still doesnt work after you save the keymap.

Then the keycode is probably not seen by Kodi as the “Enter” key.
You should be able to remap it to do anything you want.
There have been other discussions about remapping keys, try to do a search on the forums.

Ok thanks I will have a look.