Kodi 19 - Ready for mainstream adoption?

What is the general consensus, is Kodi 19 / CE 19 ready for mainstream adoption / what percentage of people are using CE19 vs CE18?

Yes, it’s ready. Kodi 18 will be quickly deprecated.

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My daily drivers have been using CE19 for a couple months without issue.

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same here. No issues with CE19 since months

And I think it’s time for people with ng/matrix capable devices to upgrade. We need to catch the bugs and solve them (if there are any). We can also help with some problems that can emerge in mainstream addons, as we’ve done with inputstream adaptive and Netflix in the past few weeks.
It’s time to update.


Is CE18 going to stop working / become buggy at some point?

My media player is unfortunately not compatible with CE19.

Short answer is yes. But it depends on what you use it for. You can use it until you can’t!

There are discussions to drop CE 9. It will stay at the current stage. Updates won’t happen, Addon updates won’t be available but the Addon repo will stay up for now. CE 19 is the way forward. We also have CE20 and there is no point maintaining obsolete versions.

3.14 Kernel devices are dead and there is nothing we can do. GXL aka S905X variants can probably use CE 19. But honestly I think they will stop working with the next Amlogic Kernel as it seems so CE 19 will be the last version for those.

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You mean CE18?

CE9 kodi18 Leia

I’ve been using 19 on NG since day 1 and it has developed to a point where it is as solid as 18 was.

The biggest issue for users in migrating from 18 to 19 is not to do with stability or functionality but one of addon compatibility due to the move to Python 3.

Pretty much all of the addons that will suffer compatibility issues will be third party and therefore outside of the control of either the Kodi or CE teams.

As far as 18 is concerned, whilst development has ceased as already noted for a while now, I do hope that the last available downloads remain in place because there are still a lot of non NG devices in use and in use very successfully. Only the future lack of addon updates supporting 18 will make it completely impractical for many, by which time I suspect that even these users will more likely have migrated up at that point and the final nail in the 18 coffin can be hit.

I still have an S912 running very smoothly and suspect that it will for a while yet.

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In all, Kodi 19 in the form of CoreElec on an ODroid N2 is now easily the most stable/reliable Kodi I’ve had running in some 13 years of continuously running Kodi in all sorts of ways on all sorts of devices.

If you have the hardware, definitely time to get on board…

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