Kodi Buffering with Odroid N2+

hello together

i have the strange problem that my movies are buffered. the problem does not occur every time. maybe every third time i start the odroid. i have created a debug log here when it happens:

and here another one without buffering

does anyone here see the problem? i can’t explain it because it only occurs sporadically:/


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No need to configure any buffering parameters in advancedsettings.xml
You need a stable network connection.

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i had a windows computer with kodi for 5 years before and never had this problem. it is not because of my internet connection :slight_smile:

Local network
I´m using KODI a long time on Windows or Mac or Raspberry etc.
I repeat, you don´t need to set any caching parameters if Your local network is working stable.
My N2 is running 24/7 and I watch video every day without any buffering.
High bitrate 4k HDR is playing fine using my local Gb network

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i can also take the advanced setting out again and produce the error again. does it just not make sense for me if it only occurs sporadically? i have the problem even with smaller 1080p files and have a 100mb/s internet connection at home.
in the fritzbox i also see that the line is never overloaded.
i test the whole thing again without advanced setting and with a 1080p file. then upload the log again :slight_smile:

Do You only watch videos from internet ?

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no i have also a pvr service and if the bufferin problems are there, the live tv stations are buffering too.

so i took out the advanced setting and tried the same again with a 1080p file. first time no bufferin, restarted odroid and again the buffer problems are here again :frowning:

Try another network cable, just in case

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Test your internet speed several times when buffering happens.
Ssh to the box and run:
“curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/sivel/speedtest-cli/master/speedtest.py | python”

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Messing with the caching settings can cause its own unexpected issues. Best avoided and as has been said elsewhere a correctly functioning local network can stream content even at relatively low speeds. Local networks are complex beasts with many interactions which can upset traffic but are a nightmare to fault find.



with buffer probs and full internet speed :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Hosted by nexellent AG (Zurich) [15.50 km]: 17.196 ms
Testing download speed…
Download: 99.91 Mbit/s
Testing upload speed…
Upload: 23.20 Mbit/s

i now leave the odroid always on power and don’t switch it off. i will write the next time again. :slight_smile:

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