"Kodi-failed" share in safe mode?

When booted into Safe mode after a crash (CE9.2.2), a msg says that the original Kodi installation is available under a Kodi-Failed share but I can’t see that folder visible via the root level share or else as a discrete share. Uploading the logs failed, as posted in another thread.

> net view \\
Shared resources at \\


Share name   Type  Used as  Comment

Addons       Disk
Backup       Disk
Configfiles  Disk
Downloads    Disk
Emulators    Disk
Logfiles     Disk
Music        Disk
Picons       Disk
Pictures     Disk
Recordings   Disk
Screenshots  Disk
TV Shows     Disk
Update       Disk
Userdata     Disk
Videos       Disk
The command completed successfully.

How does one get to the share?

You already received help on this in another topic.

But as I said in the other thread, I’ve found enabling ssh to be rather problematic - namely you painstakingly enter a password using the on-screen keyboard and then it bins the password saying it’s too weak without specifying the strength requirements! Grrrr.
The box has become so problematic recently I’m almost at the point of binning it, and having to jump through lots of hoops to diagnose what is wrong makes it even more frustrating.

So my question still stands - how do I see the “kodi-failed” share?

The default password for ssh is coreelec so should be easy to enter without being rejected.