Kodi freezes at Tidal song change

Dear CoreELEC Team,

Thank you for the great work.
Since September I’m using Odroid N2, currently with CoreELEC 9.2. Everything is working fine, except the Tidal add on, which tends to freeze the Kodi. Normally I can listen to Tidal but from time to time while the song changes Kodi stops responding. After about a minute the whole service is being restarted and I can use Kodi again.
Link to the log: https://pastebin.com/r98TQRgF
There are some errors related to the Tidal add on.
Any help with this will be appreciated.

Not unless you clean out all the Banned Pirate Repo’s and addons in your build.
Is the Tidal addon you’ve installed from Kodi Repo or one of the Pirate Repo’s.

Clean Kodi or no Devs will look at logs.

I’m trying to find a list of banned repos but don’t see it. Can you point out where’s the list so I could clean my Kodi according to the rules?

Try reading the link below.
If you want help with the Tidal issue
Wipe all the unofficial kodi addons repos and install Tidal from official repo.
Clean wipe as there are scripts and dependencies that are installed by the unoficial repos.


I’ve cleared everything completely. Installed the arneson repo only plus the tidal add on and ezmaintanence for log upload.
Kodi is still freezing and restarting after some track changes, but I see nothing suspicious in the logs
Look to log is here

From your Log

NOTICE: ADDON: plugin.audio.tidal2 v2.0.0-beta19 installed
You’ll have to go and get help from the Author of that unoficial Beta Version of your addon.

I’ve also created a log with the original tidal add on from the original Kodi addon repository. With this one nothing is possible to play, there is a demuxer error.