Kodi GUI sometimes restarts starting a movie

Hallo Coreelec Team,

i bought my Odroid n2 Coreelec Bundle in November.

From the Beginning i have problems with Kodi GUI restarting itself.

It only restarts when i start movies.

I tried all coreelec versions available.

I uploaded a log file at dropbox.

I hope somebody can help me.

Yours sincerely


This is an automatic relaunch of Kodi after a system crash and is expected behaviour. Its probably a result of poorly packaged media files crashing the decoder.


Until November i used a intel Nuc with libreelec without these problems,

I played the same files.

The hardware decoders are different.

Does it effect all or just some of your files?


I solved the problem myself.
I edited the advancedsettings file to improve buffering. Deleting this setting solved my problem.


Good to hear. Sounds like your decoder was giving up before the buffer had filled and reporting a failed stream.


Iā€™m having the same issue, and also on an N2.

Are these the lines you removed from advancedsettings:


Nearly the same, i deleted all 3 lines


the issue is gone

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