Kodi menu really slow

hi, i installed succesfuly coreelec on mecool m8s pro (s912, 2g). everything works great (play video much better than before, internet goes well), but menues are REALLY slow. i mean 20, 30 sec to put an entry and ages to load media to library. why could it be? thanks a lot

try a different sd or usb & a fresh installation

I’ve just started to get the same thing today on my Mini MS8 II. Booting the CoreELEC stage is fine, but the Kodi 18 splash screen stays on screen for ages (several minutes) and then it takes forever to load up the Movies or TV Shows pages, or to drill down into movies groups of TV show folders (even the widgets level is slow to update).

Going from top level > TV Shows > single show > season folder > play episode takes about 45-60 seconds per step, and when I do get it to play the screen stays on the TV Show interface display for about 30 seconds (while the programme audio can be heard) before the video catches up. Once playing though, it’s fine and pause/ffwd/rev/etc work fine with no buffering, even on large 4K files. As soon as you press Stop though, it then takes 40+ seconds for the now-blank screen to be replaced by the Kodi interface, and going back up levels takes the 45-60 seconds per step again.

Other processes are fine - moving through the Settings menus is just as fast as normal for example, and making a System+Kodi backup scans through all of the necessary files in a few minutes, just as normal. I tried reverting to my previous backup (from about a week ago) but after installing it, that is performing just as slowly.

SD Card is fairly new, I built a fresh CoreELEC card when the Leia RC versions started to appear just before Xmas.

[Edit: Just tried on my PC, which uses the same master SQL Kodi database from my NAS, and that is running slow too. So I’m wondering if this might be a database issue? How could I check that?]


It was the SQL database. I restarted the MariaDB on my NAS and it’s working fine now. In fact, I just rebooted the whole NAS for good measure.