Kodi not connecting to internet

2 days ago my CoreElec 9.0.2 stopped connecting to the internet.

The date/Time is stuck at 1 Jan 2015, and none of the addons work.
It’s connecting to my Wifi & showing ‘online’ but not to the internet.

At boot, I also get 2 popups

“URLLIB3 update Failed” and,
“kodi Six Update Failed”

The device is Nexbox S905

Here’s what I tried/observed. Note, I tried these steps one at a time, before trying the next step

  1. I can access the Device folders from my Laptop over Wifi so its connected fine to my router. Kodi remote app also connects fine from my mobile.

  2. Rebooted device and router a few times.

  3. Changed from static (manual) ip address to dhcp and vice versa, but no effect.

  4. I booted to eMMc (Android) and date/time is getting updated fine and internet works, in Android.

  5. Back in Coreelec, I set the NTP server to pool.ntp.org (as suggested elsewhere).

  6. I re-flashed Coreelec to the SD card, and set up Coreelec from scratch, setting region settings etc. But still no internet, date time stuck 1 Jan 2015 as before. (A brand new installation should work, right ?)

  7. I connected to the hotspot on my mobile and at once the date/time updated and it got connected to the internet as normal.

  8. This made me think my router had a problem. So I reset my router and setup the internet and Wifi settings from scratch in the router. But this had no effect-still no internet.

  9. So now i have exhausted all methods to solve this issue.

Note: It was working fine. T his is something that happened 2 days ago.

I have uploaded the debug log here: Debug Log File

Can anyone help ?

If you are able to connect to your box from your Windows machine, the box at least gets an ip address.
So it seems to be a DNS issue.
Did you try to ping some addresses from your box?

ping google.com

If you are getting something like “name or service not known” or “unable to resolve host name” you most probably have misconfigured your network configuration (name server).
Are you able to ping ip addresses from your box?