Kodi on N2+ crashes during streaming playback, the same setup on C4 works flawlessly

I have problem with my N2+. It works with local content (music, movies) but crashes very often during network streaming (I have 7 plugins for various services like Netflix, HBO and local streaming services). I have used latest Matrix stable build, latest nightly builds, various Widevine versions but without success.
On the other hand the same plugins play flawlessly on my C4 box running Matrix 19.5 RC2 build, they play the same streams for hours without problems.
Could you tell me what can make such difference between C4 and N2+?
I suspect code differences between these 2 models or connection - N2+ is using AC WiFi (I’ve bought one of recommended adapters - Kebidu Super Speed 1200mbps Usb 3.0 Wireless Wifi Adapter 2.4ghz/5ghz Dual Band Network Card Rtl8812 5dbi Antenna For Laptop Pc - Network Cards - AliExpress ) while C4 uses ethernet. But my guess is code difference since all crashes are on Kodi level, box generally works all the time, I can connect with ssh and run commands.

Have you tried the N2+ on ethernet? Mine runs tickety boo on it. If yours does too, then it’s the WiFi.

For various reasons it’s not so easy for me to switch to ethernet with N2+. But as I wrote I also suspect wifi. The only thing which doesn’t fit for me with this version is the fact that all crashes are on Kodi level. With wifi problems I would expect kernel crashes and box reboots but it’s not the case, only Kodi crashes. That’s why I ask about differences on this level.

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