Kodi playback continuously stutter

Hi, I use Coreelec on a Minix Neo U9-H, and every time I play a movie playing both 1080p and UHD, there are micro stuttering, this are my settings:

I’ve tried different resolution from 1080p to 4096x2160 24/50 and 60fps
No whitelist
Sync option : start/stop

and this is the advancedsettings :


can someone help me fixing this ?

Try to remove algorithmdirtyregions

I have already done this but the stuttering still persists, the playback of every file is not smooth at all both UHD and 1080p content.

Take a screen shot of all your Player Settings for Video, maybe some setting is not correct.
Is there any difference when you disable Hardware acceleration?
Did you try with a fresh installation without any addons, and without restoring your old backup?

Totally fresh installation
i’m currently using this addon :

Skin : Titan Binge
Video Addon : PlexKodiConnect
Program Addon : EZ Manteinance+ and Random Movie

that’s all the stuff that i’ve installed apart of the standard already built in.

That’s my playback/Resolution/Coreelec settings:

Fresh installation with default settings and WITH NO ADDONS!
And screen shots from Settings/Player/Video like here, NOT the one you sent!

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