Kodi - Raspberry Pi - Single Board Computer alternatives?

I know Raspberry Pi has a huge community (that is a huge benefit). My last 2 Kodi install have have been with R-Pi 2 (retropi) & 3 (libreelec) respectively. I found both to be kind of clunky and on-going buffering issues (my internet connection isn’t all that great).

While looking to do a new build I started researching alternative Single Board Computer (SBC) options. There seems to be many with a significant amount of additional options and computing power.

Does anyone have any experience with alternatives to the PI hardware?
https://downloader.vip/the-pirate-bay/ PutLocker

None of which will help if the cause of buffering is your internet connection.
What exactly ‘clunky’ means to you is not explained :wink:

According to forum posts i have read 905D seems to be the preferred AMLogic chip.
Of course there are lots of others also, and a huge price range, from about 40 to hundreds £/$/€

You are aware this forum is Amlogic centric so you won;t find much not related to those CPUs.