Kodi scanning for a long time


I’m using an Odroid C2 with Corelec, accessing movies via SMB from my PC.
Ever since installing this latest stable version of Coreelec (I used Libreelec before), it scans the movie library for a very long time at startup. The progressbar is constantly moving to full and back down, so it’s not just stuck. It takes 3+ minutes to stop scanning and progress to the TV Shows, which, despite being many more files (several thousand vs. ~200), takes much shorter to scan.
Anyone ever seen this before?

somewhere in the settings, is scan library on startup.

disable it

That doesn’t fix the issue. I want it to scan on startup, but it takes ages now even if no changes were made in the movies folder. It was quick (and still is with tv shows) before going from Libreelec to Coreelec.