Kodi server to client

Is this possible to stream my channel(Tvheadend) form kodi server to other kodi clients.

TVHeadend is a backend, so yes. You can have 1 TVheadend device as server, and have clients on the same + other devices.

Possible not from ’ Kodi server’ but from the tvheadend instance to any Kodi client.

could u please suggest me which communication protocol have to use for stream channels to kodi clients(other devices)?

HTSP i guess.
Htsp - Tvheadend

You use the TVheadend client?

yes,it is TVheadend client .
My requirement is have to stream the channel from one server to multiple clients.
using HTSP is possible ?

Ah, I don’t know. Probably a question that TVheadend users can answer, I don’t really have experience with it.

thank u

Every tvh client that connects to the server (using the server ip and eventually user/pass) we’ll be able to just do it. I can’t understand the question fully.

I think what he wants is to stream a single channel to more than one client.

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CoreELEC has many components, it is a linux operating system capable of executing many tasks but with an important limitation: the main graphical interface of interaction with the user is through Kodi. In the background, many server services can be started, the three most important of which are: (1) The SSH server allows to establish a remote connection with the user and execute commands, applications and other services, (2) The Samba server allows share the contents of the storage space in the home network, (3) The tvheadend server allows you to transmit the TV channels to other devices connected to the home network.

The easiest way to receive the TV channels from the main tvheadend server on another Kodi device (it does not have to be CoreELEC) is done by configuring the PVR addon “Tvheadend HTSP Client” on the remote client device. If the other device is not Kodi then you can use any application that can manage m3u playlists like VLC, the list can be downloaded from http://<tvheadend-home-network-ip>:9981/playlist (this is valid if you have not put passwords to access tvheadend and you use the default configuration).

If you want to directly send multimedia content from your CoreELEC device to another device (smartphone, smart TV, …) >>> YOU CAN’T (but you could install the jellyfin server in CoreELEC and send content to all devices in the home network vía DLNA).

Does this clarify any of your doubts?

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yes.Thank u

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