Kodi youtube extension parameter quality 4K?


Hello, I find the quality of videos is bad since the Youtube extension. In the settings, I do not see the possibility of activating 4K and HDR. Can someone please enlighten me?


This is not CoreELEC issue, you need to install and configure MPEG-DASH for 4k/1080p YouTube.


Also, since YouTube is using the VP9.2 codec for their HDR content, HDR will not work on CoreELEC.


Thank you.

  1. I find not the MPEG-DASH extension in the extension browser in Kodi.
  2. Why Kodi do not support the VP9.2 ?


You need to install inputstream.adaptive
Kodi supports it, but HDR is not enabled when VP9.2 content is played.


It is already installed and set to max.


Don’t know. I’m able to get 1080P with inputstream.adaptive, not sure if 4K works with it on YouTube.