Kodi youtube extension parameter quality 4K?

Hello, I find the quality of videos is bad since the Youtube extension. In the settings, I do not see the possibility of activating 4K and HDR. Can someone please enlighten me?

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This is not CoreELEC issue, you need to install and configure MPEG-DASH for 4k/1080p YouTube.

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Also, since YouTube is using the VP9.2 codec for their HDR content, HDR will not work on CoreELEC.

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Thank you.

  1. I find not the MPEG-DASH extension in the extension browser in Kodi.
  2. Why Kodi do not support the VP9.2 ?

You need to install inputstream.adaptive
Kodi supports it, but HDR is not enabled when VP9.2 content is played.

It is already installed and set to max.

Don’t know. I’m able to get 1080P with inputstream.adaptive, not sure if 4K works with it on YouTube.

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Guys this might be somehow a silly question, but what exactly should I enter in these fields of InputStream.adaptive / MPEG-DASH to enable and get >720p in YouTube ? My TV is only Full HD (not 4K). Are these OK ?

Max Bandwidth:
Min Bandwidth: 30000000
Max Resolution general Decoder:
Min Resolution secure Decoder:
Override HDCP status:
Ignore Display resolution: YES

Thanks in advance.

Why? Can you explain please.
Have Minix U9-H and cant watch Youtube 4K HDR in CoreELEC or Android TV 6. Is this hardware related or what?

I don’t know exactly why it doesn’t work, but my guess is that it’s an issue with how the kernel handles VP9.2 with HDR. It didn’t work in 3.14, and sadly it still doesn’t work in 4.9.

What about the 922x ? (YouTube)

What about this old post on russian forum?
Thats about “Alfawise H96 Pro” on “aml_7.1_s912_q9377_S912_KDMC_mac-2017-0830” firmware and Youtube HDR playback.
Screenshots: http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?act=findpost&pid=71591829&anchor=Spoil-71591829-2

Didn’t try YouTube, but VP9.2 + HDR files do not activate HDR on TV.

Edit: Just checked, doesn’t work with YouTube either.

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But the VP9 4K videos on YouTube are playing very well on the CoreELEC in the Mecool K1 Pro box.

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Yes, VP9 works great, but HDR is not working.

I can confirm. 4K works nicely on Kodi YouTube but HDR doesn’t. We can only sit and wait for this to be added to the kernel.

The thing that annoys me with how it’s currently setup is that for me, even when I set the Min Bandwidth value to some ridiculous value like 99999999 it always plays 1080p. You have to enable manual selection of the source which means that when you start the playback it looks like a crap (240p or something like that), and then you have to go to the video source settings during the playback and select the 4K track.

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