Krypton style IR remote configuration is back!


Since CoreELEC was created the number 1 complaint we have seen over and over again and the biggest source of frustration for our users has been how poor the user experience is with the bundled infra-red remotes that come with generic devices compared with older Krypton based builds.

CoreELEC by default uses meson-ir which allows you to use almost any remote of your choosing to control your device, this works okay when it is setup and configured correctly but not everybody is a power user and some people struggle with achieving this.

Starting with nightlies from 18/01/19, we have added the ability to use either meson-ir remote configurations or the older Kypton amremote style configurations.

To take advantage of these changes simply copy your Krypton remote.conf to the COREELEC partition of your SD card / USB flash drive or to /storage/.config/remote.conf and reboot.

Your device will reboot again whilst changes are made to your device, to revert back to meson-ir just simply remove the file and reboot again.

If you use gpio-ir-recv on the Odroid C2 and wish to disable internal IR then simply create an empty remote.disable file in the same location.

You asked… We listened…


Does remotesecond.conf work as well?


And I just went through the whole several-days learning curve of switching my LibreELEC remote.conf setup over to the new format. Oh well, just my luck timing-wise. :disappointed_relieved:

Many thanks for implementing this anyway, it would have made my switch from LibreELEC much simpler and pain-free, so I’m sure it will help other users who will start switching once Kodi 18 becomes the official release package.



Very good decision! messon-ir is problematic and laggy.


Meson-ir remains the main system. Amremote is for people who want to use it for convenient reasons. Anyway we are happy to provide users with as much options as possible.


@alex yes you can, you can have multiple configs read as long as the first portion of the file name contains remote ie you can have… remote1.conf remote2.conf or remote-tanix.conf


Thanks for that. Indeed messon-ir is laggy and confusing. LibreElec’s decision to use it instead amremote od something hard to understand for me.


I don’t notice any response differences between meson-ir and amremote on my BeeLink Mini MXIII II.
And configuration is clear and working for every remote I own. You can configure each remote (TV, BD-player, Android-box,…) to work with CE. Preliminary is only a supported remote protocol (e.g. nec).


Although my personal experience with meson-ir isn’t very good, I completely understand the decision to implement it. It allows the users to use any remote they want, not just the remote that comes with their device. It’s also very flexible in how it can be configured and tweaked. In addition, it’s generic and cross platform, so it should work the same way on all types of devices. Just explaining the logic behind the decision they made the switch.


Ok, but for me personal experience is most important. On my device, there is no tweak to make it working as good as usb keyboard or amremote. This is just not possible. No matter what/how I set, continous fast remote button press results with 1/3 events lost. Maybe some devices work better, but my MXQ Pro does not. Their solution is to buy good remote to use other protocol, but what’s the point to buy Microsoft Remote that is even more expensive than box itself?

I also like to map any key to any remote button, if I want to map key E to remote button, I can do that without any effort, because remote actually works as remote keyboard. So I can map key E to show epg and key G to change epg group. With meson-ir I couldn’t do that (if even possible, not easy).

I agree the best way is to let users to choice which way they want.


The point is that you are choosing to buy cheap hardware and we (including you) all know that you do get ‘what you pay for’. It’s all very well to want top-shelf performance, without compromise, but sometimes you have to invest a little more into achieving that ‘best personal experience’ that you seek :wink:
The decision to change to meason-ir would have been made for maximum compatibilty, at the cost of slight performance degredation for some.

But since CE has both options, everybody wins! :grin:


Great thx for this


LOL, technically it’s possible to get better for the same price. Should I really pay 3x my box costs in the name of “compatibility” and drop amremote which results the same experience with cheap remote in my case… not, not really.

100% agree :sunglasses:


I’ve upgraded to the latest nightly build and my remote stopped working.
Beelink GT1 ultimate + CoreElec Jan25 build. I was already using meson-ir cfg and keymap file.
Files and configs are still there, but it’s not working…
Looking at dmesg I have “remote: Wrong custom code is xxxxx”…

Any hints?



Make sure you don’t have remote.conf file. If not, this is probably bug. If there is no remote.conf, meson-ir keymap should be used


No remote.conf file whatsoever. I’ve even tested adding the remote.disable file but still nothing :confused:


What is an output of
ls -l /flash
fdtget -t s /flash/dtb.img /meson-remote/ status
fdtget -t s /flash/dtb.img /meson-ir/ status
Also in rc.maps.cfg just left beelink_gt1, full path is not required


I feel like I’m missing something obvious, but where do I get the remote.conf file? I’d like to use this older style of remote configuration but I don’t know where this file is located.


You need to create it. Look here:


@the-dude what device do you have? I will try to find one for you