Latest Coreelec 19.xx on Minix Neo U1


Am I correct in assuming that is not possible to install the latest Coreelec on Minix Neo U1, I can’t see it in the download section and in the devices tree!
if that is the case, then its time in invest in a new box!
I only use the box to access my NAS library and few of the other standard add-ons
Am I better off to buy a Fire Cube tv or is there a box people could recommend for similar price that help my needs.
Thanks for your help and support in advance

Support for your device (SoC S905) ended on December 31 2021 - 24:00 UTC.

Currently CoreELEC is at the cusp of another major change, which will create a generational software division between devices with SoC S905X4 as the denominator.

While CoreELEC Amlogic-ng already covers devices ranging from SoC S905X to S905X4, Amlogic-ne is being develloped for a future platform of devices starting from SoC S905X4 upward.

I hope this helps you in making an educated decission.

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