Latest coreelec build compatible with the estuary mod v2 theme

Hi I updated my vim3 to the latest build which broke my estuary mod v2 theme and the developer is no longer developing it. I’d really like to use it again but after going back a few builds I can’t seem to find the one that was working. Does anybody know the last build of coreelec that’s compatible?

It’s probably only compatible with Kodi 18, so CoreELEC 9.2.7.

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Hi, some guy (PvD) in the Kodinerds Community took over. Its a site in german. You can download their Repo (Kodinerds Addon Repo and install the Estuary Mod2 from there (nothing shady in the repo afaik). I’am using the newest Version of Coreelec (19.1) with the Mod Version 3.08+matrix5. Its not perfect, but he is getting there. Dont hesitate to ask if there are problems regarding the language.

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Kodinerds is an old and well regarded (and very active) Kodi community. You’re safe with them.

That’s great, Thankyou! I’ll have a look tonight

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