Latest (2.0.0-alpha.9) not available

I’m stuck on 2.0.0-alpha.8 from September 2020 on my Coreelec machine. The latest release from November 2020 (2.0.0-alpha.9) is not available to download/update.

Hyperion 2.0.0-alpha.9, release notes:


Grabber: DirectX9 support (#1039)
New blackbar detection mode “Letterbox”, that considers only bars at the top and bottom of picture
LED-Devices: Cololight support (Cololight Plus & Strip) incl. configuration wizard
LED-Devices: SK9822 support (#1005,#1017)
UX: New language support: Russian and Chinese (simplified) (#1005)
UX: Additional details on Hardware/CPU information (#1045)
UX: Systray icons added - Issue #925 (#1040)
Read-Only configuration database support
Hide Window Systray icon on Hyperion exit & Install DirectX Redistributable
Read-Only configuration database support


boblight: reduce cpu time spent on memcopy and parsing rgb values (#1016)
Windows Installer/Uninstaller notification when Hyperion is running (#1033)
Updated Windows Dependencies
Documentation: Optimized images (#1058)
UX: Default LED-layout is now one LED only to avoid errors as in #673
UX: Change links from http to https (#1067)
Change links from http to https (#1067)
Cleanup packages.cmake & extend NSIS plugin directory
Optimize images (#1058)
Docs: Refreshed EN JSON API documentation


Color calibration for Kodi 18 (#1044)
LED-Devices: Karatelight, allow an 8-LED configuration (#1037)
LED-Devices: Save Hue light state between sessions (#1014)
LED-Devices: LED’s retain last state after clearing a source (#1008)
LED-Devices: Lightpack issue #1015 (#1049)
Fix various JSON API issues (#1036)
Fix issue #909, Have ratio correction first and then scale (#1047)
Fix display argument in hyperion-qt (#1027)
Fix Python reset thread state
AVAHI included in Webserver (#996)
Fix add libcec to deb/rpm dependency list
Fix Hyperion configuration is corrected during start-up, if required
Fix color comparison / Signal detection (#1087)


Replace Multi-Lightpack by multi-instance Lightpack configuration (#1049)

Hyperion 2.0.0-alpha.9 is now available :traffic_light:

Thank you @Portisch :medal_sports:

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