Latest nightly - Strange video slowdowns?

Hi all, having an issue where i get some strange slowdown in videos for about 5-10 seconds then it will resume fine? This only happens once or twice in a 1h.30m film

This is playing directly from a HDD.

Never seen this in the stable before, has anyone else experienced this?

I did have a problem with DTS sound cutting in and out, after a FW update on my TV it now works fine, but as i come to think about it i think it started when i enabled passthrough.

Ill turn it off and test again.

Take it its just me then?

Is it dropped frames? Because I have this and when I start debug overlay it is skipping frames

I have no problem/slowdowns with h.265 movies on my N2.
I use almost every nightly.

Confirm, there are no slowdowns on my N2.
I suspect that it is often due to the data source(s).

Weird, im gonna do a HDD test and defrag, .

Im not sure but at certain points in sort of just goes into a locking up and catching up kinda thing, ill try to get a vid of it, but ill do the cleanup first.

Please tell us your hardware audio setup and what the audio format of the media with slow down is.

Here having same with aac 5.1 sound. Only if I have my AVR connected and passthrough.

Hiya, I am using an N2 Latest nightly, Movie is using AC3 8 bit 48hz

I am connecting to my soundbar by toslink from the tv.

I am using multi channel sound and passthrough.

Ok i was watching Birdbox, which i watch alot because i love it…

It just happened at the point where they let gary in and hes on the floor talking, so i rewind to take a small video clip and it then plays fine. So appears its not at certain points rather than something causing it, hope this helps.

@roden, @franky79
What skin are you using, default or not?
It could be not related, but need to clarify.