Latest widevine not working

Following up on Widevine cdm 13816.64.0 - #9 by nfm886 .
I think this issue is not resolved, I still have it on the latest kodi 18.9 on coreelec 9.2.7. reverting to previous widevine works for the Netflix plugin but the new one does not.
There is a great bug for LibreElec that lays out the issue and there is fix available too.

Can a developer take a look and add it to CoreElec?
According to the post, it may break in a week otherwise, depending on actions from Google:

I’m using 0.5.3 of inputstream helper.

Note that when you reinstall widevine, it only loads after reboot.

Actually this is s better link :

I mentioned this topic there because CoreElec is mentioned.
I hope the fix discussed there can be incorporated.

It seems this is fixed in nightlies, I am wondering when it will be in a release?
I’m on 9.2.7 now, should I upgrade to 19.x? Thanks

It’s fixed already in CE19 nightly builds.


CoreELEC users should be good to upgrade to Matrix (19.x). Be aware not all Kodi Add-ons are Matrix compatible (yet) and some repositories might need to be updated after the upgrade from Leia to Matrix. Any incompatible Add-on would have to be discussed with the maintainer of that Add-on. Team CoreELEC has no involvement with 3rd party Add-ons.

When can we expect next stable release of CE?

Then would be nice to backport this fix to 9.2 CE Leia too.

Not yet. 9.2 is to stable to break it. Maybe later when the cdm features are back to stable again.
And then only for project Amlogic, maybe not for Amlogic-ng as this project is supported by CE-19.

Also inputstream.helper got already updated by TK to 0.5.4 downloading the old cdm if the system does not support the new one. So it’s kind of save already.

Aha, I did not see the 0.5.4 version.
According to the github chat though, that may break 1st of June because Google will deprecate/remove older versions.
I guess we will know in a few days if that is true.
I love my stable CoreELEC 9.2.7, would be great if it will be fixed to support the new CDM.
I don’t know at the moment which plugins will break and Netflix is not the most used one, so I might not try for a while, or on another system.

We’re following this situation closely and will act accordingly if something breaks.

great. it seems the old versions of widevine were revoked:

sorry to update but seems stuff is going on here :
CoreElec is mentioned, some issues with the nightlies.
Hoping this will be sorted.
I checked yesterday, and my 9.2.7 install with the older Widevine still plays Netflix…

We’re still trying to solve things in the main branch. After that we’ll see what will be backported to Leia but only in amlogic branch. Amlogic-ng capable devices should update to Matrix.

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