LCD/OLED displays for status via USB->I2C converters?

Not sure if this is the right place for this post, but I really like my little OLED display on my ODroid N2 (which has built-in I2C to talk to the VFD via GPIOs)

However I’m aware that quite a few CoreElec users are, like me, also using boxes like the Minix U9H which don’t have easily accessible I2C connections. I’ve seen that there are a number of USB->I2C interfaces - and wondered if there was a standard driver for these that could be included in CoreElec (it may be there already) that would allow for I2C displays to be driven over USB for those without built-in displays or built-in, easily accessible, I2C GPIO connectors. is an example of a board - though the original thought was triggered by this :