Le Potato and eMMC

Hi Folks, first post here. I’m setting up a TV box system for the first time. After a lot of reading I’ve decided on a AML-S905X-CC (Le Potato) running CoreELEC. I’ve ordered the board and come to find it does not come with an eMMC module.

Question is can I run off a µSD card without an eMMC installed or should I buy a module and install CoreELEC there. Thanks.

The le potato will run coreelec just fine with just a micro sd card.

Cool, thanks. So no real difference in speed between Class 10 card and mmc?

eMMC will be considerably faster in saving things, and loading too. But a good SD card is not SLOW.

Sounds okay then, still it’s always nice when things run faster. Will try initially with the SD card and see how it goes. Can always add eMMC later, yeah?

Anyway looking at that N2 box is really attractive. Almost cancelled the Potato board I put on order and went for that N2. On the other hand, don’t really want to run off a build in development and I only need 1080p at this point. Maybe upgrade to that N2 after software makes it into the stable channel.

Wrong decision in my point of view. 1080p runs perfect on N2 even at present development.

Bummer man, missed my window to cancel the Potato board. Would have to send it back through the mail at this point. Still a Potato board is a lot better than those cheap Chinese jobs most people buy, yeah? I actually put one of those cheap ones in my shopping cart initially until I read more on this stuff.

You are right, it is better than those cheap tv boxes.
It’s also 4k and HDR capable, so the LePotato is still a good choice.

Screw it, ordered an N2, 135 USD including express shipping with lots of extras, eMMC, case, power supply, etc. So I’ll figure out a use for the Potato, TVHeadend server or something. Looking at that N2 board on HardKernel was just too irresistible, such a brilliant piece of engineering.