Le Potato Development

Hi folks,
I’ve the impression that development for Le Potato/S905X is rather dead - last post by Libre Computer Feb last year, and mainline kernel seems stagnant as far as I can tell… Anyone more involved with better information?
Just asking since I am a bit underwhelmed by Raspberry Pi 4 so far…

The Le Potato will be one of the devices that will soon get a CoreELEC amlogic-ng build with the 4.9 kernel.

So as far as CoreELEC and the Le Potato is concerned development is not dead.

As for the mainline kernel, support for S905X devices like the Le Potato in the mainline kernel continue to see improvements. However CoreELEC does not currently do builds with the mainline kernel, since the mainline kernel while it has made massive improvements is still not feature complete enough to replace the vendor kernel that we currently use. There have been test builds of CoreELEC using the mainline kernel at various points in the past to evaluate the use of the mainline kernel and it’s just not possible to use it without loosing features and functionality that CoreELEC users have come to expect to just work.

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Hi @cdu13a,
cool, thanks! 4.9 is something at least. may I ask why its 4.9 and not some higher x for 4.x?

4.9 is what the current vendor kernel from Amlogic is based on. 4.9 is also an LTS kernel, so it will be possible to have fixes for any major issues with it up to it’s projected EOL in Jan, 2023. Which is actually a longer support period then either the 4.19 or 5.4(the two most recent LTS) kernel currently have.

Darn! I was hoping for 4.17+, because only then my DVB-T2 receiver is fully supported natively.

You can use media modules which back ports the newer dvb drivers to 4.9.

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Not wanting to hijack the conversation, will s905 continue to receive updates, and if so, will it be with the current kernel (which is great btw,I have no issues)