LE to CE on Minix U9H

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I too have a Minix U9-H, and want to try CE instead of LE. I’m having trouble connecting to a Windows 10 server via SMB for my media. Maybe CE will work better. But I cannot find an appropriate img file for the Minix S912. The only one I could find is [CoreELEC-Amlogic.arm-9.0.1-Generic.img.gz] and I don’t know if that is right for the Minix U9.

Can you help me please?

Why don’t you take a look into our download helper?
It tells you everything you need including the device tree:

Excellent! Thanks for that tool.

It did select the generic image I’d wondered about. It also provided the name of the device tree, (xm_q200_2g_minix_neo_u9) but when I clicked on “download image” I did not get a dtb file, just the img.gz. Is that device tree already in that image, or do I need to find the dtb file and add it to the root of the flashdrive?

I already have a file (gxm_q200_2g_minix_neo_u9.dtb ) from LE that i pulled from Mega.nz but don’t know if they are interchangable.

Also, I would not mind staying on Kodi 17; is that even an option with CE?

Please advise

After writing the image to the sd you’ll have a folder with the device trees in the root of the SD. You then choose you device tree, copy it to the root of the sd and rename it to dtb.img after deleting the one that’s already there

Just follow the instructions from @Vasco.
Please don’t use the one from LE, because it will most probably cause problems on CE.

Thank you. I found the device tree folder and got the proper one and have now got CE up and running; and it is now connecting to my Windows 10 server so I can view and delete videos from my network drive. No need for sneaker-net any more.

Mucho Mahalos

Got it. Thanks for your help

All of the instructions that you have just been given are on our home page and are impossible to miss, please try to read before opening further threads.