LE12 runs on S905. Even Sync Playback to Display works again

This runs “ok” on my Minix Neo U1. Even Sync Playback to Display works again.
So why not supporting it in CE incl. Sync Playback to Display?
Maybe you can get out some small bugs.
Example: The “FPS_test_1080p23.976_L4.1.mkv” plays some seconds and then hangs with buffer symbol with enabled prime decoder. Many other Files worked.

And why is S905D supported but not S905?
Arent they nearly the same, only that D has TV Tuners inside?


Sorry, not a chance. And sync playback to display was removed because it caused too many problems to the users. Please use LE for those devices.

S905 is GXB, last supported image is 9.2.8:

LibreELEC 12 is based on the Linux mainline kernel. While CoreELEC is based on the amlogic kernel, the S905 left it unsupported in version 3.14. While the S905X (D and W) I left it at 4.9 (ng). That is why the S905 is currently unsupported.