LePotato crashes when navigating Menu (via CEC)

So I just installed the latest CoreElec onto a new SD Card and put it into my Device. I get the settings menu, but if I for example want to change something there the screen goes black and the devices stops responding to pings. I can just press okay for everything and finish the setup but the device only runs as long as I don’t try to navigate the kodi menu. As soon as I try to do any navigation it crashes. 8.2 LE was working fine. Not sure how to get any logs if the whole device crashes but here is dmesg after boot:


I’m not really a dev but if you have the possibility of SSH into the box, “tail -f /storage/.kodi/temp/kodi.log” might reveal something, while navigating.

Are you navigating the menus with a remote? Do you have a possibility of using a usb keyboard? If so, does the same thing happen if you navigate with the keyboard?

Wow, I don’t know how and why, but usb keyboard navigation works. Never expected CEC to be related to the problem as it recognizes it just fine. But as soon as I use my remote it crashes.

There is plenty of information available on how to provide logs, no logs = no help.


i have write a own Post. The Problem, since change to CE from LE, is the IR Code from TV (Philips). Normally the TV send a DOWN Key by CEC. CE have a active IR and will it interprate the Code as Power_off by IR Interface.

Maybe you have the same Problem?

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Yeah that seems like the problem. I though it was just crashing because the shutdown doesn’t really look graceful and it didn’t happen consistently.